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Pregnancy Signs Cats

Cat pregnancy is probably one of the things that cat owners are eagerly awaited. Therefore, we need to recognize the signs or characteristics of a pregnant cat, such as:

A. It is important to keep records of your pet cat wedding date to estimate the time of the birth of a cat, so we can prepare a new pet cat. Note also the birth calculator to calculate / estimate the time of the birth of a cat.
2. A pregnant cat can experience physical and behavioral changes, among them:

a. Physical Changes

* The abdomen began to swell

A pregnant cat's belly began to look bigger at the age of 5 weeks of pregnancy.
The abdomen will continue to grow until near the time of delivery.

* Putting milk flushed (pink) and enlarge

One sign is a significant change in your nipple. In cats pregnant, nipples slightly swollen, and it turned red (pink).

* Exit milk

Of milk being produced and may be issued approximately 3-2 weeks of the end of pregnancy. So if your nipple gently squeezed and it appears there was fluid milk, the birth will occur approximately 2-3 weeks.

* Thinning hair around your nipple.

b. Behavior Changes

* Vomiting

On several occasions (rarely) also pregnant cat vomiting, such as in early human pregnancy. Immediately contact and consult your veterinarian.

* Stopping the cycle of a sudden lust

Lust cycle (estrus cycle) cat depending on various things, one of which is the season. In Indonesia which is a tropical country, the estrous cycle cats are not much influenced by the seasons. On average, the length of the estrous cycle of the cat about 1 to 1.2 months. When lust (estrus) takes about 7 days. If after breeding, lust cat stopped abruptly and did not ask to marry again, most likely the pregnancy occurred.

* Increased appetite

A pregnant cat showed an increase in appetite. Course aims to provide an increase in appetite enough nutrients for mother and fetus development.

* More gentle and looking for attention

Most of the pregnant cat's behavior changes such as more calm and gentle. In addition, they also seek more attention to the owner. At the end of pregnancy seen some behavior like nervous and prefer to be somewhere warm and covered.

Ensuring Cats Gestation

Veterinarian can help ensure a cat pregnancy. Experienced person can also ensure pregnancy by palpation (feeling) at the age of 3-4 weeks of pregnancy.

Medical services such as ultrasound (ultrasonography) and X-rays (x-rays) can be used to confirm pregnancy. Ultrasound can confirm pregnancy after at least 1 week old content. The new cat fetal heartbeat can be detected after 3 weeks of age.

Period of Gestation

After completion of breeding, the owner must pay attention to the mother cat, especially kondisitubuhnya. If you look pregnant females, it should immediately prepare everything for more intensive care. This is almost the same as a young pregnant mother who was a highly confidential information when exposed to shocks that cause a miscarriage. Activity began to decrease, the condition of the body was weak. However, the mother cat still need exercise, such as the streets even in small portions.

Generally, having a female cat pregnant for 59-70 days until the birth. Recording can be started on the first day of mating male and female cats that happen one day and repeated every hour, or several days and repeated every day since the first day up to 7 days later. Do not let the vacuum mixing for 3 days because it will be difficult to predict the distance or time is too long.

Calendar fetal development in the female parent as follows:

* Week I

Keep records of the first day of the female cat "mixed" with her partner. The time is 1-7 days. Separate male and female cats after marriage. In this period, the female cat luteinizing hormone release (LH) needed for egg maturation in the ovaries, and sperm move into the egg sac, until the egg develops into a blastula, then there was the development of other vital organs.

* Sunday II-III

At this time, sometimes accompanied by nausea due to hormonal changes or stretching of the uterus, lethargy, decreased appetite, and vomiting. Try to eat often given frequency, even in small portions. The vet can give you medication to relax the uterus.

Females who are pregnant cat behavior show a quieter or lazy, often sleeping, decreased appetite in the first 1-2 weeks, and even vomiting. Unfortunately, when a pregnant cat or appetite hunger strike down until delivery. Breeders for the feeding duties, and even the feed fed to cats still get adequate nutrition for growth fetusnya. Pregnancy week-2-3 up to this, your nipples turn pink (pink) and enlarge and thinning hair around the nipple.

At the age of this pregnancy, ultrasound can be used as well (USG) to diagnose early pregnancy. The methods used can be either A-scanning method in the 18-20 age haripost coitus or B-scanning method at the age of 18-19 days post coitus.

* Sunday IV-VI

For an experienced breeder or veterinarian can perform palpation (feeling) the abdomen because the embryo has grown about the size of a finger. Examination by listening to the sound pulse fetus and the mother can be done with a stethoscope. The number of children was sometimes can be calculated by ultrasound B-scan method at the age of 28-35 days pregnancy, whereas fetal body to find out details clearly can be done on a 40-day pregnancy.

At week 6, the portion of food has increased. Provide adequate nutritious food according to his needs. Strive not to replace products that have been granted since the beginning, because it can affect appetite. However, control your weight to avoid obesity occurs. Add supplements such as multivitamins to help the growing fetus.

At week IV-VI, the fetus is about the size of 25-30 cm and a full grown cat-like mini. Main stomach began to swell. Breeders should really devote all his attention to the cat. For the hard times during the bunting should be accompanied by a parent in order not to stress, especially the parent who first pregnant.

* Sunday VII-VIII

On this week's very easy to feel the feeling and movement in the stomach parent child so it is not difficult to calculate. Stem from frequent licking her body. The nipples getting bigger. Parent more often to rest and start looking for a comfortable and quiet place for her candidate.

* Sunday IX

during this period, decreased appetite and belly full of kittens parent. Diet maintained its portion, and do not be administered in excessive doses. Child's movement had begun in the stomach. Began to lick his master difficult because abdominal bloating. Clean the nipples and vagina with a cloth or cotton wool soaked in warm water. Fur around the nipples may be shaved.

A week before birth is usually fluid milk (lymph nodes) have started out from the nipple. Measure tempratur body for 12-24 hours before delivery arrives. Ideally, the body temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius-38, 5 degrees celsius, if visible amniotic fluid began to break, signaling the birth time has come. Moreover, the parent starts contractions or merejan, signs, and anxiety was evident. Delivery can occur on days 59-70, but when it occurs before 58 days, the fetus is very young and difficult to maintain.

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