Monday, July 30, 2012

Breeding Cats Doing Business

Female cats h lust first time at age 7-8 months or 10-11 months. Period lasts for 7-10 days lust and lust cycle will be repeated after one, 2-3 months. Sign of lust among other female cats to be heavy and loud noise, like rolling, aggressive, and decreased appetite. Female cats should not be married before the age of 1 year with a minimum weight of 2.7 pounds. Owners need to pay attention to the onset of breeding pyometrasehingga causing delays up to several times.

pyometra is an infection of the uterus due to accumulation of the hormone progesterone, which resulted in a thickening of the uterine wall are equally harmful bacteria to grow. In case of pyometra, the uterus must be taken to avoid death. Persian cat owners should always pay attention because this cat health a top priority before deciding to re-breeding. Female cats during feeding and raise her children before her son off weaning (age 3 months) should not be married first. Minimum formula for re-breeding period is 3 months + per month from the number of children who are born and nursed.

Tomcat lust period varies, but typically occurs at the age of one year or more. Tomcat is a sign of lust began to loud noise, like meowing, and if you see a female cat wants a quick "ride". Before the marriage needs to be done pemekrisaan and medical measures, especially in the female cat, namely:

A. Vaccination

The purpose of vaccination is that the child is born can get good nutrition from the parent that is free of disease, so it can anknya fat and healthy.

2. Worm medication

The objective of de-worming is that kittens born to be free of worms.

3. Health Conditions

Before breeding, the female cat should be ensured in good health, not skinny, leather and fur is not problematic. The goal for the marriage and the birth process went smoothly, then the child is born do not have problems due to contracting the disease from its mother. Tomcat just checked as usual (general checkup).

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