Monday, July 30, 2012

Marriage Process Cats

Mating cats are as follows:

A. Male and female cats brought near, but not in a cage. This process as the introduction and determination process. If it goes well, it takes between 1-2 days. Mating process can take place (and usually) naturally.
2. Males will approach females, female genital kissing, biting his neck began to climb the females, and the marriage took place. During the penetration, usually female moaning loudly, rolls over, and licking his cock. There are times when males marry females is difficult because of the position (side, back, hips are not removed). If this happens then we can help him by holding the female in the correct position. The success of this process depends on the willingness, ability, experience, and patience males face females.
3. The second and third process will take place 2-7 days and after that males and females separated. mating should be done 3-4 times per day within a period of 2-3 consecutive days. After that, males and females are separated until we are sure the pregnancy. If the pregnancy failed, usually females will experience estrus again. Marriage process should also be supervised, at least we see that the process was successfully characterized by a female rolling around and angry when approached by males.

Unlike the breeding of dogs, cats eggs will be dropped after the breeding place, and it was dropped at once. Therefore, the female will roll around in order to drop their eggs in order to meet with the sperm of the males left.

Usually (not always) within 24 hours or 48 hours after the process of matting, the female will stop giving signs of lust (screaming, rolling around, whining). This indicates that the process of fertilization has occurred. On day-21 was able to check if her nipples swell and turn pink.

Sometimes between days 21-28, females re-gejalaheatt symptoms that occur due to hormonal changes. It can also happen in week six when the child begins to feel movement in her stomach. At this time, usually the cat will find a hiding place for the birth. Ensure that there is a tranquil place of disruption other cats before the birth happens.

Female cats usually experience a period of pregnancy between 59-68 days. To simplify calculations, we can take averages 63-65 days, counted from the first day we started mating (assuming conception occurred on the first day). Use the calendar to mark the marriage and the possibility of the birth. It is very important to us as owners to evaluate the condition of pregnancy, especially towards the last weeks. Discuss the development of a veterinarian to ensure their health.

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